Monday, February 12, 2024

Amazing India Part 5 of 8 Amritsar-Golden Temple

We spent 21 days in India and were thrilled by all of the sights, sounds, fascinating religious ceremonies and wildlife safaris we experienced there. Part 5 of 8 of this series, in 17 minutes, covers our visit to Amritsar in northeastern India. This is the home of the wonderful Sikh Golden Temple and many other sites. Enjoy... Intro Trailer 0:00 Skip Trailer 0:51 Martyr's Memorial 1:07 Golden Temple (during daytime) 2.52 Sikh free-meal cafeteria 5:20 Holy Book (scripture) ceremony 6:30 Wandering Amritsar 7:49 Punjabi Farm 9:05 India-Pakistan border ceremony 14:11